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Geepas 12" Metal Table Fan GF-21115UK

Ex Tax: £20.00



Geepas 12" Metal Table Fan GF-21115UKThe metal fan has a compact design. Metal table Fan comes into a suitable size. The perfect small-sized perfectly fit in your r room with ease.  The Geepas metal table fan is made from high quality. The good material is used to make it durable and long-las..

Geepas Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner GVC-19015UK

Ex Tax: £22.92

(Inc. VAT: £27.50)

Geepas Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner GVC-19015UK The technology brings more convenience in your life.   The strong built in NH rechargeable battery produces a powerful suction capability. It is light in weight and telescoping aluminum shaft. It included interchangeable brush ..

Geepas Rechargeable LED Lantern GE-53019UK

Ex Tax: £10.00

(Inc. VAT: £12.00)

Geepas Rechargeable LED Lantern GE-53019UKLED rechargeable lanterns extremely useful when you need bright light, and easily do work without any hassle. Battery chargers come in the variety of designs which are continually evolving, convenient reliable, easy to use and more durable. Rechargeable ..

Geepas Steam iRon GSI-24011UK

Ex Tax: £10.00

(Inc. VAT: £12.00)

Geepas Steam iRon GSI-24011UKGeepas stream iron help to stay away from your clothes from the wrinkles. It comes with 2400 watt.  Help to control the temperature by using the thermostat. It is automatically steaming iron. It is coated with the Teflon sole plate. The sole panelist-sticky. It w..

Geepas Digital Personal Scale GBS-46504UK

Ex Tax: £9.17

(Inc. VAT: £11.00)

Geepas Digital Personal Scale GBS-46504UKThe Geepas personal scale has a large digital LCD scale. It is made with the thick safety tempered class. It features with a clear display allow you convenient read your weight.  The Geepas designed with the high precision that gives an accurate readi..

Geepas Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner GWC-63017UK

Ex Tax: £19.58

(Inc. VAT: £23.50)

Geepas Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner GWC-63017UKGeepas cordless window vacuum cleaner makes your window super clean. Stay away from the knotting of wires. It will clean away all your dirt and dust in no time at all. Each vacuum is different and offers something unique. It has large capacity vacu..

Geepas Hair Dryer GHD-86028UK

Ex Tax: £6.46

(Inc. VAT: £7.75)

Geepas Hair Dryer GHD-86028UKIt keeps hair healthy and shiny for a long time. It would not damage the hair. It is a personal care gadget. It also helps to straighten the hair and comb your hair at the same time. It helps to style your hair to add volume. If you are blow dryer your hair, you must..

Geepas Washable Shaver GSR-56018UK

Ex Tax: £10.42

(Inc. VAT: £12.50)

Geepas Washable Shaver GSR-56018UKThe Geepas washable shaver quickly trims your hair without harming your skin.  The floating head of this trimmer adjusts according to the shape of your face which reduces the chances of cuts and scratches. The Shaver can use it even in the shower as it is wa..

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