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ANG Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Multiple Function 5V/2.1A

Ex VAT : £7.50
(Inc VAT : £9.00 )

ANG Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Multiple Function 5V/2.1AMulti-function:  MP3 FM transmitter lets you enjoy the phone music when you are driving and play a loud and clear phone navigation voice on car stereo, Bluetooth 4.2 version. It generates crystal clear sound, it produces the premium quality stereo sound. Support function: ..


Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Multiple Function 5V/2.1A

Ex VAT : £7.08
(Inc VAT : £8.50 )

Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Multiple Function 5V/2.1A..


Mp3-FM Transmitter

Ex VAT : £2.99
(Inc VAT : £3.59 )

Mp3-FM Transmitter:206 FM Frequencies.Charger compatible for all phones.Support T-flash Card, MP3, USB Device.Read MP3/WMA files.Cable Enclosed.LCD display of the volume and ordinal number of English songs. Max Current: 1 AMP.12-24 Volt.Micro SD CARD Slot.Available in Red, Black and Blue ..


HOCO E41 Dual USB Car Charger & Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Ex VAT : £8.33
(Inc VAT : £10.00 )

HOCO E41 Dual USB Car Charger & Bluetooth FM TransmitterHoco E41 Dual USB car charger not only charge your phone but also enjoy your favorite tracks with eth long trips, FM transmitter is designed by the Hoco, Have your devices full of power, and enjoy your favorite tracks during long trips with this car charger and FM transmitter designed ..


G7 - Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Ex VAT : £4.99
(Inc VAT : £5.99 )

G7 - Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter:Features: 1. FM transmitter  2. LED display window  3. LINE audio input  4. Independent Bluetooth start /shutdown button  5. Support playing music by USB disk  6. Support MP3/WMA music format  7. Answer /hang up/reject/redial via Bluetooth  8. Bluetooth stereo mus..


ER9-Spedcrd Bluetooth Car Fm Transmitter

Ex VAT : £16.67
(Inc VAT : £20.00 )

ER9-Spedcrd Bluetooth Car Fm TransmitterCar FM Bluetooth transmitter with the multi knob, you can find the car FM transmitter easily. Type C and Dual USB port: The Car FM transmitter with 5V 3.6 A dual USB charge port and Type C charging port can be used at the same time. It is suitable for the iPhone X / Xs Max, MacBook, or Type C supported dev..


CAR X5 - Wireless Car Kit Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Ex VAT : £6.99
(Inc VAT : £8.39 )

CAR X5 - Wireless Car Kit Bluetooth FM Transmitter:Feature: 1. Full frequency FM transmitter. 2. Supports digital display. 3. Support USB disk TF card player 4. Support U disk player/ MP3/ WMA format music. 5. One USB output voltage, the power supply to other devices, the maximum output of 5V/ 1A. 6. Automatic power-off memory function. ..


CAR S7 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Car Kit

Ex VAT : £5.49
(Inc VAT : £6.59 )

CAR S7 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Car KitFeatures:  •Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Hands free Music Car Kit. •Universally suitable for all types of vehicles DC 12V-24V. •Digital Display. Bluetooth stereo music play. •Bluetooth answer, hangs up, reject, redial calls and other functions. •Echo cancellation and noise suppression (CVC) technology durin..


C26 Bluetooth Car Kit Wireless FM Transmitter Dual USB Charger Audio MP3 Player

Ex VAT : £4.17
(Inc VAT : £5.00 )

C26 Bluetooth Car Kit Wireless FM Transmitter Dual USB Charger Audio MP3 PlayerThe Bluetooth car kit can switch the calls to the hand-free mode via professional Bluetooth modules. The mobile phone also provides a Bluetooth function. It also uses to send the music the in your car stereo wirelessly and answer the call in hand-free mode without refit..


ANG CAR X8 Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Ex VAT : £5.42
(Inc VAT : £6.50 )

ANG CAR X8 Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter·         Easy to use with the Bluetooth Technology·         Travel with Music on using the new Carx-8 Series·         Multi Functional Car Charger for Mobile Phones, Tablet, Mp3..

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Bluetooth FM Car Transmitter

Technology is much faster than we realize, in the case of cell phones. Now every smartphone has a Bluetooth FM Transmitter to create a bridge to join the technologies. The use of technology is easier and creates high-quality audio. Bluetooth FM transmitter makes your short commuter more enjoyable. The bright back LCD and controls give a modern edge. It is easy to use, it is all in one media use and brings car stereo in the modern age.

How can I connect my mobile phone to the Bluetooth FM transmitter in the car?

To enable Bluetooth connection on your smartphone, Bluetooth FM transmitter is properly plugged into the cigarette lighter socket in the car. Go to settings, and select Bluetooth. A New Bluetooth device kit will be displayed. You can select the new Bluetooth device to pair with your smartphone.

Is bluetooth fm transmitter compatible with all smartphones?

Bluetooth FM transmitter is compatible with most of the major smartphones. It is the age of modern technology, most smartphones come with Bluetooth advanced technology.

What is the major function of Bluetooth FM Transmitter?

When you are playing music, you can enjoy superior sound quality. The display is used to answer the phone calls with the touch of the button, and enjoy the hands-free calling. Bluetooth FM radio focuses on delivering high-quality audio and enjoys the music whatever you like. You can also monitor the quality of the car battery with the voltmeter. You can also see the most important information such as phone numbers and song names. You can also charge your devices more easily and quickly with the 5V port.  

Best Bluetooth FM transmitters for the car is available in a different color, you select the one, which best fits for the look and style of the car. Just thanks to different connection options, Bluetooth, TF card, and Aux cable)

iShine is the best supplier to provide the best Bluetooth FM transmitter in the UK. If you buy in bulk, you can get a wholesale Bluetooth FM Car transmitter at cheap prices. More and more drivers like to invest in FM transmitters because you can get the freedom to listen to your music, audiobooks, and podcasts, while you are driving. it is a cost-effective solution and suitable for a wide range of cars. Our team workers simplify the task to choose the right one.

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