Charge Pit 6-Port Universal Charging Station - Arctic White

Charge Pit 6-Port Universal Charging Station - Arctic White

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Smart compatibility, auto adapts to all iOS and Android devices

The Charge Pit has built-in technology that allows for wider device compatibility. It auto adapts to charge your iPad, iPhone, Samsung Tab and all iOS and Android devices.

10A high power, fast charge output for your tablet and smartphone

The Charge Pit 6-Port Universal Charging Station features fast charging technology, with a 10A high charging current output making it ideal for charging tablets and smartphones.

Charge 6 devices simultaneously with just one mains socket

With 6 USB charging ports, the Charge Pit 6-Port Universal Charging Station can charge six devices simultaneously. All of this is powered by one mains power socket in your home or office.

Quickly change your cables

With the Charge Pit you can add your own cables no matter what device you have! Simply lift up the case and connect the wires you need, then place it back down again. Use up to 6 different cables.  


Desk stand - allows you to stand your phone while it charges

Not only does the Charge Pit 6-Port Universal Charging Station keep all of your devices fully charged, it also looks good doing so. The base unit has integrated stands that hold your tablets and smartphones while they're charging.

Neat and tidy - avoid tangling cables

If you or your family have multiple electronic devices, you've probably got a mess of tangled wires you have to pick your way through every time you want to charge your phone or tablet. With the Charge Pit 6-Port Universal Charging Station you can forget about the mess that owning multiple cables causes. 

The Charge Pit 6-Port Universal Charging Station lets you charge multiple devices at once from one station, so you can keep all the cables organised. With the included hook and loop fastener strips, you can manage your cables and keep them hidden underneath, so you'll always have a tidy desk or table top.


Technical Specifications:
- USB Charger
- 6 x USB Port
- Input: AC 100V - 240V, 50Hz - 60Hz, 1.5A
- Output: DC 5V, 10A (max. output for 6 USB ports)
- Dimensions: 29cm x 17cm x 8cm
- Weight: 0.8kg

Please Note: No USB cables are included with this product

Key Details

  • Charger Type: USB Charger
  • Part No: CGPS-TR618-WGY-UK

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