European Travel Plug Adapter

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European Travel Plug Adapter

The travel adapters allow European appliances, which contain the 110/120V-250V, it is used in continental Europe or elsewhere. The outlet voltage range between range up to 100 and a maximum up to 250 voltage. They are very small and practical adapters. You can plug your devices everywhere in the world. They are designed to keep in mind the needs of the travelers.  The adapter does not convert in the voltage.


Premium adapter for Europe: The premium adapter works with the Type C, Type E and Type F outlets. It is suitable for travelers.

Accepts the two plugs iNS: it is designed with the double ports. It allows you to plug two electric devices connectors at the same time. The universal input means the European grounded outlets accept the input plugs from all the countries except Type M South Africa)

Lightweight and perfect for travel: Each compact power adapter consists of the 1.5 x .8 x .8 inches. The weight contains less than 2 ounces.

Universal input: you can plug the device everywhere in the world. Do not use it, if you are going to Switzerland (type J) Ireland ( type G) Italy ( type L ) The adapter does not convert voltage or electricity. 

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