Aluminium Phone Stand Universal

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FULLY ADJUSTABLE ANGLE & ANTI-SLIP SILICONE -- Ideal for watching videos, reading, video recording, or simply browsing the web.


The stand solves these problems easily, enabling you to effortlessly read, watch movies, record video and much more. It is made by Aerospace Aluminium Scratch-Resistant material with elegant and fashion spirit. Also allowing you to easily set the tilt angle you prefer, set it into an angle to watch a video, read or type; you can even set the stand up and have your tablet or smart phone record a video while it is set up. 

Fits Home & Office: 
This premium desktop holders is ideal for while you are cooking 
Great for when using at desks, tables and kitchen counters.
Perfect for a business trip, hold your tablet sturdy while video meeting.
Also could using on a plane for holding your tablet on the pull down tray. 
Ideal for watching videos

Suitable for whatever phone or tablet you have, you can use your devices on these in portrait mode, or landscape mode, can be charging and listening via earphone when in portrait position on the stand. 

All Phones including Apple and Samsung as well as most of the tablets

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