Genuine LCD Screen & Digitizer For Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 SM-A920

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Genuine LCD Screen & Digitizer For Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 SM-A920

If your Samsung galaxy LCD screen facing the problem of screen burns, visible lines, black spots on the screen. The bruising of the screen may be caused by the pressure of or impact when the glass cracks. It is noticeable on the screen. The brown marks also appear on the screen and find the bright cluster on the screen.  Samsung screen is more difficult screens to refurbish. It is mainly due to the curved screen, but also need to be removed from eth frame to be worked, it is this stage, it is more difficult to be refurbishers. 

The adhesive that holds the Samsung edge to edge refurbish screen. The frame is very strong. If it is not handled correctly, it can easily be damaged or black spotted. Samsung screen is made like regular screen. LSDs are made of glass, and the OLED based screen edges made of the flexible plastic screen.  The black spots are most commonly on the edged screen. It is the layer of the plastic separating from each other. 

Before shipping 

Before packing, each screen inspect carefully, need to ensure it can be  

 The process of :  

The people mostly use the freezer to separate the Samsung galaxy screens. The exact method is used, 

Once the glass and frame have been removed, the people must clean the screen, now it is ready for the lamination. The precise procedure depends upon, on which model you are working on. 

Now the glass is laminated on the screen and one of the remaining bubbles have been removed. A new frame and associated parts are fitted properly. 

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