Remax Bluetooth Selfie Stick RL-EP01



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Remax Bluetooth Selfie Stick RL-EP01

Bluetooth selfie stick works with any phone any brand, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Huawei. The Selfie holder is adjustable to any phone size, take selfie and videos has never been so easy. It is easy to adjustable to any angle. The non-slippery foam would not slip from your hand

Main function: it is small and stylish and more convenient to use. Multi-adjustment of 270 degrees. It works well for Bluetooth smartphones. It comes with the sling, portable bag, button battery. It comes with the detachable Bluetooth remote shutter.

Multi-angle adjustment: The stick can be extended to 35.4inches, and the phone holder (width 2.16-3.54inches) is 270 degrees adjustable. You can take photos in the way you like.

EASY CARRYING: The stick is made of stainless steel with total weight 4.58ounces and the accessory portable bag is offered for carrying it.

EXCHANGEABLE BATTERY: The shutter uses exchangeable button battery and lasts for long. A free button battery is offered within the package.

WARRANTY: Non-artificial damage, 1-month money back, 3-month warranty. 100% Brand New Product & 5-star customer service. 

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