Remax International RL-E270

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Remax International RL-E270 :

Clock:Display LCD screen
Input power:DC5V-1.5A
Maximum working current:5V 800mA
Double color temperature adjustment:
cold light color temperature:5500-6000K; wram light color temerature:2800-3300K; nature light:4000-4500K;each light 20-22LM high brightness LED,protect eyes,use lift 35000 hours

Lighting way:direct light
Intensity of illumination:800LUX
Color rendering:>70
Working temperature:<50°
Power factor:>0.8
Press mode:touch
Shell material:ABS + hardware

Advanced technology,no glare,no flash,soft lighting protect eyes;three color temperature lighting,more comfortable

3-Level touch dimming;Touch control switch,adjustable brightness,convenient operation;three dimensional all-round lighting to meet various environmental requirements

Folding structure,small size:lamp rotating range 180 degrees;lamp arm swing range 90 degrees

Aluminum cooling fin to ensure LED long lift;Long lift and minimal umen light conductor

Calendar clock display,with alarm function ;RGB night light

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