UK to USA Travel Plug Adapter

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UK to USA Travel Plug Adapter

Suitable for use in the UK to the USA, this adaptor features a 1 piece flat pin and is suitable for small appliances such as hairdryers, radios, shavers and other small portable equipment. UK travelers can safely power all their earthed and unearthed devices (2-& 3-pole) in all countries with US plug standard. Besides the USA nearly other 50 countries, especially in North- & South America have this standard. It has a single socket travel adapter for the indoor use only. It has a lightweight indicator and child-resistant sockets.

Power more than one device:  twin pack of travel plug, no more switching, you can charge two devices in the different outlets in your room

Charge perfectly: The travel the adapter works perfectly. It is powerful and super reliable adapters, and your devices will start fully functioning and your phone does not take much time to charge. Your adapter would not fall out of the wall socket and your plugs will securely fit in your socket.

Keep your holiday stuff light:  the travel adapters are made of the lightweight materials. So, your adapters would not weight down the luggage, it will pack easily and compatibility.

The adapter will work: The travel adapter will work in the USA, American, US, Thailand, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Barbados. 

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