Google Puts Restrictions on Huawei Android Phones

Google puts restrictions on huawei android phones

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Google Puts Restrictions on Huawei Android PhonesAfter Samsung, the Google operating system has stopped giving access to Huawei on timely security android updates and apps. Huawei has the most significant share in the global smartphone market. The Huawei android shocking news put a serious implica...

Are Wireless Headphones Bad for Your Brain?

Are wireless headphones bad for your brain?

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Are Wireless Headphones Bad for Your BrainBluetooth earphones are not good for your brain because of EMF rays. Wired headphones are safer than bluetooth wireless headphones. What is Radiofrequency?Radiofrequency is a particular form of electromagnetic radiation, and it is also known as an RF (r...


Welcome to the ishine blog

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 WELCOME TO THE ISHINE BLOG iShine welcomes all users to our Blog. The reader becomes aware of the most recent update about the technology, news reviews and articles. In the articles, you can also get the solution to your problems such as repairing of iPhone LCDs, placement of the tempere...

How to choose a Power Adapter for your Laptop

How to choose a power adapter for your laptop

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How to choose a Power Adapter for your Laptop The changes come in the technology. Now, you can source new ways to do the best with all the devices. If you are looking to buy a new Laptop AC adapter, you can go with the different brands like Philips, AC adapter, HP and Compaq Laptop. There are m...


Succeed with 7 strategies to increase b2b wholesale sales

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Succeed With 7 STRATEGIES TO INCREASE B2B WHOLESALE SALES The B2B Wholesale distribution strategy and sales industry highly pay attention to the customer's expectation. With the advancement of technology, to give support to the on-demand economy. B2B wholesale customers expect a high level of serv...

Essential mobile accessories to enhance your travel experience in 2020

Essential mobile accessories to enhance your travel experience in 2020

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Essential mobile accessories to enhance your travel experience in 2020   When you are Planning for a vacation, do people feel overwhelmed? a phone accessories list keeps us connected all the time when you are travelling. Travelling to another country to make your device more prone to onli...

The 10 Advantages of Smoke Detector

The 10 advantages of smoke detector

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Many people focused on professional installation with the main smoke detectors. The professional installation means that there is less chance of anything wrong with the alarm.The smoke alarm comes with a hardwired in the home or office. Regular checking of the batteries is also very important. In ma...

Different Types of Smoke Alarms and Where to install them

Different types of smoke alarms and where to install them

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What are smoke Alarms?Smoke alarms are self-reliant devices, which incorporate detecting a cloud of smoke and giving a warning. It usually has a loud beeping voice. A smoke alarm is almost the size of a hand and fitted to the ceiling. Smoke alarms detect the smoke at the early stages and inform your...

The Most Popular Reasons of Buying Power Banks

The most popular reasons of buying power banks

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Wherever you are going, feel free from the tension of charging; a portable power bank consisting of an impressive battery comes along with a particular circuit. It can store electric energy to charge up the mobile device. Be attentive if you have been stuck somewhere with the drainage of batter...

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Release Date, Price. and Specification

Samsung galaxy z flip release date, price. and specification

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There are tons of announcements Samsung galaxy Z flip in the technology world will launch on February 11, 2020. The smartphone is expected to be the company's second smartphone with a foldable display. The latest Samsung galaxy is going to be high up in the list of possibilities. The execution seems...

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