Why everything you know about mobile phone lcd screen display technology

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Displays on the mobile phone run in a long way, you can choose from the digital line, on the high-pitched touch screen, because of the LCD screen, you can watch the videos and play games graphically It is the demand for video games. There are many well-recognized companies make large progress in...

Sony Wireless headphones come with Noise cancelling features.

Sony wireless headphones come with noise cancelling features.

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You can find a lot of options in the range of the $300 to $ 350 price tag. The SONY and BOSE have the most distinguished position in the market and bring the top-notch products to facilitate people such as SONY and BOSE. If the people are not able to afford the pair of the SONY WH- 1000XM£ or BO...

Google puts restrictions on Huawei android phones

Google puts restrictions on huawei android phones

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 The Google operating system has stopped to give access to Huawei on timely security android updates, and apps, after Samsung.  Huawei has the biggest share in the global smartphone.  The Huawei android shocking news put the serious implication onChina and consumer business. Huaw...

Are Wireless Headphones Bad for Your Brain?

Are wireless headphones bad for your brain?

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With the arrival of the new technology related to cell phones and Bluetooth products, there are several rumors have hovered regarding the radio frequency signals damaging the brain cells. It needs to figure out the rumors, and need to confirm, the radio frequency radiation has the potential risk...

Welcome to the iShine Blog

Welcome to the ishine blog

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iShine welcomes our visitors to our Blog. The reader becomes aware of the most recent update about the technology, news reviews and articles.  In the articles, you can also get the solution to your problems such as repairing of iPhone LCDs, placement of the tempered glass, etc. iShine prov...

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