How to Fix non functioning iPhone speaker

How to fix non functioning iphone speaker

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Which part of the iPhone you want to rely mostly on, whether you are making a call or listening to music. The speaker is the most independent part of the iPhone. If the iPhone speaker stops working. So, the other features of the phones are badly affected, iPhone speakers not working on calls, your m...

Hidden Tricks you never know about iPhone

Hidden tricks you never know about iphone

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Smartphones and iPhone have their pros and cons. The iPhone comes with lots of features that you are all aware of. Even the everyday user must know the iPhone's hidden features. . Some of the iPhone tips and tricks are on the home page, while other tricks can be used by using the buttons and many mo...

 Best Smartwatches for Android, ios, in 2020

best smartwatches for android, ios, in 2020

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Here you find The best smartwatches for android and  iPhone users. With the help of smart watches, it  is the best way to get notification from a smartphone on your wrist. This device can trace everything as a fitness tracker, a wallet and even a smartphone. If you are trying to get back o...

How to Check iPhone Battery Health

How to check iphone battery health

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 battery health is different from battery life. The battery life determines how long your battery lasts on a single charge and battery health determines how much your battery life diminishes over time. After using one year, your battery life would not be as long as the iPhone is new. It continu...

Health Benefits of Smart watches, change your lifestyle

Health benefits of smart watches, change your lifestyle

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Some people think that having a wrist watch is just a waste of money. The buying of the smart watch or the fitness tracker invest for your personal; wellbeing, health and fitness.  The benefits of the smartwatches are numerous. Smart watch Fitness Tracker BenefitsSmart watches and fitness ...

 Why does iPhone battery drain so fast, fix it

why does iphone battery drain so fast, fix it

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My iphone battery is draining fast and dies so quickly. It might be two possibilities that the battery is depreciating or something in the system is draining much power than usual. To fix the problem, you will need to look into both the hardware and software aspects of your Devices.    A...

Boost your immune system to fight with coronavirus, Need to know more about it

Boost your immune system to fight with coronavirus, need to know more about it

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The question raises in everyone's mind, as we face worldwide crises, we don’t know yet, how to fully prevent and damage caused by COVID- 19. A diet to boost your immune system  with the help of Vitamin C and Vitamin D, essential oils and boost your immune system through  vitamins.&nbs...

How Coronavirus affects on Mobile Phone industry

How coronavirus affects on mobile phone industry

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 There are large numbers of customers who have noticed that a number of products have recently gone out of stock. The customers need to understand the full reasons behind the issue, what this really means to behind this issue and ongoing covid- 19 effect on the mobile phone industry. It affects...

Essential mobile accessories to enhance your travel experience in 2020

Essential mobile accessories to enhance your travel experience in 2020

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  When you are Planning for a vacation, do people feel overwhelmed? a phone accessories list keeps us connected all the time when you are travelling. Travelling to another country to make your device more prone to online threats, potentially expose sensitive information and disclose import...

The Most Popular Reasons of Buying Power Banks

The most popular reasons of buying power banks

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Wherever you are going, feel free from the  tension of charging, A portable power bank  consisting of the special battery comes along with a special circuit. It can store electric energy to charge up the mobile device. Be attentive if you have been stuck somewhere with the drainage of...

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