SamSung Galaxy A51 Review : True innovation for everyone

Samsung galaxy a51 review : true innovation for everyone

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Design: Big Screen, low price: A51 comes with the Infinity O display, optimizing the visual symmetry. You can play games, watch movies and perform multitasking without any kind of interruption. The display size is approximately 6.5” FHD and a wide display screen. It is powered by the Super AMOL...

Need to know more about Samsung S20 Ultra

Need to know more about samsung s20 ultra

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Display: Samsung is renowned for its stunning display.It comes with a 6.9 inches display, Quad HD and Amoled display. It comes with absolute beauty, everything looks bright, bursting with color and pin-sharp. The biggest change in the model is the inclusion of 120HZ refresh rate. Which allows s...

Main Reasons to Buy a Bluetooth Headsets

Main reasons to buy a bluetooth headsets

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The use of the Bluetooth technology makes the smartphone more functional, and more handy earbuds headset, that are completely wireless and allows for hands-free calling and talks on the mobile phone. Bluetooth wireless technology has made many electric components and far surpass infrared in its usef...

The Ultimate Secret Of AN IP Camera and its Benefits

The ultimate secret of an ip camera and its benefits

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IP camera is called internet protocol camera. It is the type of digital video. The camera receives control data and sends the image data via the internet. This camera is commonly used for the surveillance, but analogue circuit television camera. They require no local recording device. It is only a l...

6 Things to Remember While Buying a Travel adapter

6 things to remember while buying a travel adapter

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Do you know that there are different types of power sockets commonly used around the world? It proves to be very useful for international travels. To avoid a complete problem, there is an entire industry of travel adapter manufacturers. They have sprung up to let frustrated vacationers charge your i...

What is the Difference between USB, Micro USB and Lightning Cable

What is the difference between usb, micro usb and lightning cable

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 It is the most frequently asked question that “what is the difference between USB, Micro USB and lightning cable”. They all come with different ports. On the surface level, they seem to look similar and behave almost in an identical way. But, it would be a big mistake that they are interchange...

Benefits of Using a Car Phone Holder

Benefits of using a car phone holder

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 When you are driving the car, you need to answer the important phone calls, while you are driving. it is too dangerous to pick a call with one hand. So, you need to make sure that you should receive important calls. The phone car holder proves to be very beneficial. This is exactly what holds ...

Useful Tips to Make your Laptop Battery last longer

Useful tips to make your laptop battery last longer

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If you are worried about your battery running out of juice, following Tips to keep your laptop battery running longer, useful tips If you have bought a new brand Laptop, you must avoid to common buying mistake. Even you have your device, you must take care of it. There are s...

Top Ten iPhone and android screen protector in 2020

Top ten iphone and android screen protector in 2020

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The screen protector is one of the important accessories of the mobile phone. The prices of the devices are constantly increasing so that your mobile phone with the help of cases and covers is well protected from other damage. Choosing the screen protector seems simple. There are different types of ...

7 advantages of having a Dashcam in your Car

7 advantages of having a dashcam in your car

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The dashcam has grown the popularity in the recent era. It comes at the affordable prices that range from $50 to $100. Which is well below their initial prices. They have become increasingly popular to the advantages that come with having a dashcam. The dashcam is designed to capture every sound and...

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