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    DVI To DVI Cable 3M
    DVI To DVI Cable 3M

    DVI To DVI Cable 3M

    (Ex VAT :  £ 2.92 )
    (Inc VAT :  £ 3.50 )
    DVI To DVI Cable 1.5M
    DVI To DVI Cable 1.5M

    DVI To DVI Cable 1.5M

    (Ex VAT :  £ 2.08 )
    (Inc VAT :  £ 2.50 )
    DVI To HDMI Adapter
    DVI To HDMI Adapter

    DVI To HDMI Adapter

    (Ex VAT :  £ 1.04 )
    (Inc VAT :  £ 1.25 )

    Wholesale DVI Cables Supplier & Distributor in UK

    DVI cables or digital visual interface are used to send signals from a DVI compatible video source to a video output. These are quite commonly used and provide much better performance than VGA cables. These can provide good and clear visual quality and are unique connectors because these can carry both analog and digital signals. If you are looking to buy the best DVI cables along with their connectors, then you need to look no further. iShine-trade is the best DVI cables supplier in the online B2B market where you can find everything for your every need.

    Different Types

    There are a number of different connectors of DVI cables in the market as well as converter adaptors, so you can attach to a device which is not DVI compatible as well. Below mentioned are the different types of connectors or converters which you can find.

    • DVI to HDMI adapter
    • HDMI to DVI adapter
    • DVI to VGA adapter
    • VGA to DVI adapter
    • DisplayPort DVI
    • mini DVI to HDMI
    • mini-DisplayPort to DVI
    • mini-DisplayPort to DVI adapter
    • micro-HDMI to DVI
    • apple HDMI to DVI adapter
    • DVI splitter cable
    • female DVI to HDMI
    • Genuine and Good Quality

      When you need to get the best results all you need is good quality cable. There are many low-quality cables in the market which you can buy at really low prices. But these cables are not durable at all and can get damaged pretty easily. These are also cheaper, but it is never worth investing in these low-quality cables just to save a few bucks. The DVI cables we provide you are always the best and durable as well. You can rely on these cables even with your eyes closed.

      Cheap Prices

      If you are a businessman who is looking to buy bulk products to supply ahead and boost the business, then you might know the importance of prices. The prices we offer are much low than the market competitive prices. But being cheap does not mean we compromise on the quality. The prices are low, but the quality is always high. These low prices make it easy for you to buy bulk products without putting too much stress on your wallet.

      Trade with Us

      There are many wholesalers in the market, which can provide you all the products you desire to buy but the quality and prices we offer can never be matched by any of our competitors. This makes us the number one wholesale supplier in the online B2B market.

      Best Service

      We at iShine-trade not only provide you the best quality but also the best service as well. We always strive to make our service better and better with each passing day, so you can have the best experience every single time. It is extremely easy to place an order and to make payments. Once the order is placed you can stay in touch with our customer service representative and track your order. You can also get information about our other products too. The shipment always reaches you in time and never leaves you hanging for long. Plus, the package is thoroughly checked before shipment so there is no possibility of you receiving damaged or faulty goods. So, whether you are a small businessman, a big enterprise, or an everyday guy, make sure to visit iShine-trade, trade with us and let us help you grow.

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