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How to Install Apps on the Smartwatch

How to install apps on the smartwatch

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The installing apps will make your IOS wearing experience more amazing.  Installing the app on the smart watch gives access to the endless options From the Google Play StoreIf you first set up your wear Android smart watch. The new Fossil Gen smartwatch is an array of the devices. You will have...

How to Record Screen on iPhone 7

How to record screen on iphone 7

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The recording of the Screen on your Mobile on iPhone in a video with sound. The Video with the sound becomes very useful to perform a tutorial or show an acquaintance, you can perform certain tasks in an Apple iPhone 7 Plus. You can also save in a video and then send it to the uploading to the platf...

How to Put an iPad in a Recovery Mode

How to put an ipad in a recovery mode

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If you want to put your Apple and iPad devices into a recovery mode to restore data while using the computer.You need to use the recovery mode and restore the devices in the following situation.iPad Stuck in a Recovery ModeSometimes, your computer does not recognize the devices or recovery mode, and...

How to Connect Smartwatch to iPhone

How to connect smartwatch to iphone

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If you want to see all the iPhone notifications on the Android watch including calendar reminders, messages and any other apps, that helps to ping you throughout the day. You can use the google assistant to make searches. How to pair the Smart watch to iPhone: IOS:If you wear an iOS on Goo...

How to use a Selfie Stick for Android

How to use a selfie stick for android

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If you want to save your memories in a single click, using the Selfie stick is the best option. A Selfie stick allows you to take the best selfie of yourself and your friends without blurring. These selfie sticks are portable and lightweight, you don’t need to consider a lot of stuff before its con...

How to Use a Selfie Stick, Complete Guide

How to use a selfie stick, complete guide

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The wide range of the Mobile Phone Accessories  is available in the market. The use of the selfie stick is very important. Selfie sticks come with a wide range of features. Which one customers give preference to buy. The customers are willing to buy wired and Bluetooth selfie sticks.. Should yo...

How to Connect a Desktop Computer to WiFi?

How to connect a desktop computer to wifi?

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The Internet is a very important part of life and helps us to stay connected with the world. The importance of the internet can not be denied. The requirements for the cables are going away. The Internet is a very important part of life and helps us to stay connected with the world. Every PC comes ...

How to install Tempered Glass on iPhone Screen

How to install tempered glass on iphone screen

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In this blog, you come to know how to put a glass screen protector on your iPhone. Tempered Glass is significantly better for several reasons; it provides more protection, won’t scratch so easily, move your fingers more efficiently, and no screen bubbles. Here you can get a step-by-step guide on put...

How to Transfer Data from One Sim to Another

How to transfer data from one sim to another

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Every user uses a Sim Card to identify the cellular provider. These Sim cards have useful functions. There is enough storage in a small plastic card to hold the numbers of names, numbers and addresses, and other details. It is especially useful to Transfer Sim card data to another Sim card. It ...

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases in 2021

Best samsung galaxy s21 cases in 2021

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Samsung Galaxy gear up for next-generation launch in 2021. Samsung once again set the world into a fire with the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. Samsung fans will enjoy the best smartphone in the market.  The smartphone is expected to boost the fantastic specification followed by...

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