What are the Benefits of using a Touch Screen Pen

What are the benefits of using a touch screen pen

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What can you do with a stylus pen?A touchable device is convenient for the people to use, but some of the smart large devices, tablet or mini touchable laptop. Whether you need a stylus pen while running some special software. The touch pen has some advantages rather than the traditional fingertip. ...

Apple iPhone X Review, Price, Specification

Apple iphone x review, price, specification

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 There is no doubt, it is a fantastic device. IPhone X is a big change. Apple is playing catch up with the iPhone 11 camera. Apple iPhone X is the big blend of comfort and the gorgeous 5.8 OLED screen. The rear telephoto camera outshoots iPhone 9 Plus in the low light. The snaps of the fro...

How Can I Fix iPad Unresponsive Touch Screen

How can i fix ipad unresponsive touch screen

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The usage of the apps make your lives easy and get more out of these apps. The device will allow you to work with those apps. it is a tablet that responds to touch when you tap the screen and run your fingers over it. Sometimes, the screen becomes frozen and people face iPad touch screen issues...

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review: Buy the best cheap fitness Tracker

Xiaomi mi band 4 review: buy the best cheap fitness tracker

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Xiaomi is just a good product, it does not cost a ton of money. people are mostly like low-cost alternatives rather than high-end products. The Mi band might be a low-cost product with a high-end mantra. Mi Band 4 Watch Price: Xiaomi Mi 4 price is updated on September 21, 2020. The new price is up...

The Global impact of 5G Technologies

The global impact of 5g technologies

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 The American technical experts explore the intensifying role of wireless technology, with the evolution of 5G technology, emerging services. The timeline of future development increases through 2030. The transition of the 5G has been simultaneous with the continuous advancement in 4G.5G will t...

Are Wireless Headphones Bad for Your Brain?

Are wireless headphones bad for your brain?

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With the arrival of the new technology related to cell phones and Bluetooth products, there are several rumours that have hovered regarding the Radio frequency signals damaging the brain cells. It needs to figure out the rumours about Bluetooth Headphone health risk, and need to confirm, the radio f...

How to Hide your iPhone Apps and Home Screen

How to hide your iphone apps and home screen

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If you have lots of home screen pages, then you can hide those pages to keep their layout intact. The iPhone has been out in the market since 2007, and over time, we download the number of apps, the download has been ballooned. You can also organize in a folder. It is impossible to hide apps and pag...

Apple watch series 6, Release Date, Price, Design and Features

Apple watch series 6, release date, price, design and features

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Apple has launched two new apple watches. The Apple watch series 6 and “Apple watch SE” are available in the market. The new line up allows us to reach more people along with amazing features. Apple has set up with the new features and easy to manage the various watches in the household. Apple watch...

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

Samsung galaxy a42 5g

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Samsung Galaxy A42 5G (Quad cameras & water drop Notch )Samsung announced the cheapest 5G phone," Samsung Galaxy A42". The smartphone maker has published a tease. The launch is not very far off. The phone is announced September 02, 2020, and expected to release in November 2020. Design...

How to differentiate between genuine and fake laptop charger

How to differentiate between genuine and fake laptop charger

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In the market, there are different types of laptop chargers available in the market, but all the chargers are not good. The usage of the fake Laptop charger will cause many risks such as damage to the device because of low and high electric flow, it may cause electric leakage, explosion, and short c...

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