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    Hidden Tricks you never know about iPhone

    Smartphones and iPhone have their pros and cons. The iPhone comes with lots of features that you are all aware of. Even the everyday user must know the iPhone's hidden features. . Some of the iPhone tips and tricks are on the home page, while other tricks can be used by using the buttons and many more pressing the keys.  

    Shake to delete: 

     We all need to type words in a daily routine in the applications such as messages, mail and notes. There are some edit tools through copy, cut and paste. Some people are in a hurry. You need a feature, might work faster by pressing, holding back buttons and delete buttons. All you need it to shake your iPhone. You just do shake to redo. But this feature irritates, accidentally happens to pop up, Go to the iPhone setting, general accessibility and shake to undo and then tap to turn off. You are good to go now. 

    Hide your private picture: 

    You can hand over cell phones to your friends for viewing the pictures or give your mobile phone to your sibling and friends to play games. There are some private pictures you don’t want to disclose to people. hidden features you may not know about  the iPhone. 


    Some apps are used for this purpose to hide private pictures.. You can take advantage of these apps. All you need to visit the photo apps. Just select the required images and tap the share buttons, now, select the choose hide. The selected images visible via moments, collection and years view, but you don’t need to freak out, you can still access those images through the albums screen

    Fix Siri pronunciation: 

    We are all familiar with iPhone voice-controlled assistant Siri. Siri is great to provide us with information relevant to the weather, direction and many more options. Sometimes, the Siri does not correctly pronounce the words, particularly, in the terms of someone name or places, you can’t blame Siri for this purpose, some language is the origin for others languages. It might be problematic for Siri to pronounce. But this can need to be sorted out. Siri misspells something, just make it correct. Siri would not make the same mistake. 

    Respond to your text from the Locked screen: 

    If you are Bizarre by continually unlocking your cell phone for the testing purpose. Don’t need to worry. IPhone provides you with remarkable features. You can directly send messages from the lock screen. You can just pull down on the notification drawer, and swipe over to the left on getting the text notification, you will see a reply option. It will give access to you to type the text without having unlocked the iPhone. The solution to the problem is in front of you. Now you can easily enjoy typing. 

    Faster charging: 

    If you would want to charge the iPhone faster. So, the solution to the problem is as easy as ever. All you need to do for this, you can switch to aeroplane mode, while charging it. it significantly speeds up your charging probably 10 times than the usual charging, by the time, you get ready, if not fully at least up to 50%.

     Take screenshot:

     It always turns out to be useful when you save text and take a picture from the website or a funny meme. All you need to do this to press the home button along with the on/ off button. You can capture all you wanted within seconds. The screenshot feature of the iPhone will let you record all the informative subjects, without wasting timing. Now, this method is easy to screenshot of the things, not difficult at all. 

    To sum up, there are some hidden gems on the iPhone, it will surely help you if you face such issues, which are given above. You don’t need to dig in, just find out the reasonable solutions. 

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