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    How to Differentiate Between Genuine and Fake laptop Charger

    How to Differentiate Between Genuine and Fake Laptop Chargers

    There are different types of laptop chargers available in the market, but all the chargers are not good at quality. The fake Laptop charger usage will cause many risks, such as damage to the device because of low and high electric flow, electric leakage, explosion, and a short circuit. The network administration will show the effectiveness of the Genuine and fake charger. Most of the chargers have low quality and last only for a few weeks. It can damage your laptop.

    The tips are given below help to differentiate the original laptop charger vs fake. The information below helps distinguish the computer charger's quality with an accuracy of 60-70%.

    What Types of Computer Chargers are Available?

     In the term of the laptop chargers. There are two types of computer chargers (original charger and OEM charger).

    Genuine Laptop Charging Department

    The computer brand itself produces these chargers if you use the charger correctly or with care. It works for a long time. The genuine charger range only guarantees the quality from 450.000 VND to millions of VND. The majority of the users often choose to charge OEMs mainly for a machine.

    OEM Laptop Charger

    OEM has many different types, with an OEM line of quality assurance (Replacement Charger) with a low-quality line (charging imitation).

    Quality OEM Charger

    The price line is half genuine charger only about 250, 00 to 450,000. It is guaranteed by reputable companies according to authentic standards, specializing in laptop manufacturing order production.

    Low-Quality OEM charger

    The price of a laptop is meager. You can only have it only 100.00 to 150.000 VND. These charges are increasingly being designed sophisticatedly by companies that specialize in electronics components at first glance. It is different from the genuine laptop charger. It trims with the elements, negligent structure, their quality is not guaranteed.

    The Harmful Effect of Using Low-Quality Laptop Chargers

    Soon you will be able to detect the harmful effect of using a computer charger

    For laptop Charging

    You can face the electric current problem; it is easy to lead to fire and explosion because the transformer box of the laptop charging resists heat and low stress. Moreover, the charger's electric wires are easy to generate heat, easy to break, which can cause electric leakage, which is hazardous.

    For Laptop Batteries

    The laptop charger's fast battery is the result of using the counterfeit charger because there is no guarantee of specification and output voltage.

    For the Main of the Computer

    If you are using a Low-quality OEM charger, the right source of supplying the current will damage your components.

    Difference Between the Genuine and Fake Charger

    It is based on the following criteria. You can distinguish between a quality charger and a fake product.


    Usually, the lowest price of quality charger bulbs is about VND 250,000. Suppose you take the quotes from the computer center. The charging you are holding is about VND, 100, 00. You must analyze the quality right away. It is a low-quality laptop charger. Distorted parts are so cheap. It works for a short duration of time.

    Weight of the Charger

    According to the experience, the genuine laptop charger's holding gives a sense of certainty and weight equivalent to the old original charger. On the contrary, charging laptop clones will feel much lighter; even when you are shaking, you can hear the filter piles' sound inside.


    The plastic quality of the Genuine Laptop Charger seems to look more flexible and firm. The parts are carefully machined. The fake charger offer uses low-quality plastic shells. The surface of the charger is brittle and fragile. When you touch it, you will feel rough, the charger cord is usually empathy, and the twisted wire feels uneven. Some knock-off chargers do not have lanyard parts.

    Stamps Affixed on Charging

    If you pay attention, you will see the quality of the body adapter. The sticker is always carefully pasted. The text on the stamps is printed very carefully, sharp, and with no blur; meanwhile, the low-quality charger lines are the opposite. The symbols are sometimes misleading. The stroke of the print is a blur.

    Other characteristics


    The clone's size will be smaller than the quality charger as they have minimized for manufacturing material when manufactured.

    Slot on the Adapter

    When you are using a good Quality Charger, it will be very tight, and the Adapter is very prominent.


    When the jack from the power cord is plugged into the charger to the charging department, it has its special symbol, and for imitation clones, the details are often forgotten.

    Rubber Button Attached to the Transformer Box

    The rubber button on the excellent charger is attached firmly. It is not loose and comfortable to spring as charging with the above information. You can distinguish it from the genuine laptop charger.

    To ensure 100% of the quality charger, it is best to look at reputable facilities to buy yourself a good quality laptop charger. Laptop chargers significantly affect the charging speed and the ability to transfer the data with the device count.

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