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4 Fan Laptop Cooling Pads & External Fans

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4 Fan Laptop Cooling Pads & External Fans

Nowadays laptops are found in every house with long hours working, and people started complaining about backache, neck pain, muscle spasm as well as heat up their legs or laps.

Laptop gives you an outstanding offer with Dual Fans High Speed Adjustable Cooling pad.

which does not only facilitate you to give four different angle positions according to your requirement but also absorb and eliminate all the heat produced by a laptop via 2 USB supported cooling fans.

Best laptop cooling pad is available in Laptab.com.pk with an economical price. Notebook cooling pad

Else, the high-speed fans have the capacity of sizeable massive airflow to keep refreshing your laptops.

Laptop cooler gives you comfort and soothing effect while doing long hours of projects without getting tired or fatigued.

The Laptop cooling pad is right for your health as well as also helps to increase the efficiency and life of your laptop because of its draining heat quality.

Moreover, you can carry it in your laptop bag and move everywhere, including office, home, car, sites or any place.

Also, Laptop pad is compatible with all types of laptops material of pad is ABC + PC plastic and iron net and Mac Books or notepads etc.

Besides, you can carry it in your laptop bag because of its compact size and move everywhere you want. Unique back cable management features and by an also an interface design, filling the ice overall aesthetic appearance 

By the same token, ultra-quiet wind capacity dual-core design, combined with colorful ice light, filling the ice charm heat instantaneous, ergonomic dual-angle regulation, supplemented by a high coefficient. Ingenuity alone for sides, full-color front iron net smiling face and the back of the shield design 
exclusive design, high versatility compatible with various brand size books

What is in the box: 
1x Cooling Pad 1x USB CABLE


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