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The Difference Between a Touch Screen and an LCD Screen

Mar 16, 2023 / By Aamir Sheeraz / in Ecommerce

      Most of the time people don’t know the difference between a touchscreen and an LCD screen. When there are dark black blobs on your screen, it’s not because the display screen is damaged, it's caused the damage to the LCD of your mobile phone whereas when there are cracks on your screen its substantially due to the damage caused to your touchscreen and as compared to mobile LCD display screen it's easier to fix as you only need to replace the display screen of your mobile phone.


        An LCD is the part of a phone that displays the image we see on screen. It's the layer that produces and displays the image, thus if the LCD is damaged you can still use the touchscreen although the panel would have either the forenamed dark black blobs or the spider web type dark cracks on the display or both it would still serve typically.      
       To repair the cell phone LCD, a technician would have to pull out the phone part by part to reach the LCD and assess the damage done which isn't needed for a touch screen. LCD, which is a liquid crystal display, is extensively used in mobile phones as it uses low power and produces good-quality images. Genuine LCD screens in UK are not as difficult to find as well anywhere in the market.


     The touchscreen is now a part of nearly every digital or smart device in the 21st century. From mobile phones and laptops to LCDs and switchboards, it's now used nearly far and wide your eyes fall on. But what exactly is a touchscreen? A touchscreen is principally a device that allows us to directly interact by using our fritters or a stylus.   
      The stylus is a special kind of pen whose tip is covered with a unique coating that allows it to directly interact with the computer. We can use one tap or multiple gestures to interact with a touchscreen device. It doesn’t bear a mouse or any indispensable device similar to a keyboard for navigation. A touchscreen can use several styles to detect our touch, it can use a grid that consists of infrared shafts or it can use touch-sensitive units to sense our gestures.   
     With a touchscreen, there are several gestures that we can make which would be relatively tiresome if we use a mouse or a keyboard when we double tap the screen while using a gallery or while reading a pdf document the screen tends to zoom heft and when we double tap again it zooms out also we can fluently drag different icons and swipe to scroll overhead, down indeed sideways. A touch screen is also appertained to as an input device as it takes input directly from the user.   
   The computers bear a mouse which makes them hard to use but the touchscreen is veritably simple to use as you're directly interacting with the icons, it's also cost-effective to manufacture a touchscreen as it doesn't bear buttons for each icon.

Types Of Display Screens 

     There are numerous types of display screens in the request, which are compatible with different devices. You should check which type of display screen you need. But whichever screen you're looking for, you can find it fluently at any mobile LCD display wholesale supplier.

OLED LCD Screen & Digitizer 

    Organic Light Emitting Diodes or OLED LCD screens work on the flat light emitting technology. The screens are thinner and don’t bear any kind of backlight. Some might indeed say that these are better than LCD display because LCD display requires a white backlight to show you the visuals. However, also you can find it then easy for any mobile phone, If you're looking for OLED display relief screens for your phone.

TFT LCD Screen & Digitizer 

     TFT means Thin Film Transistor. It's a combination element that has an LCD display and touch technology over it. It has been used in numerous devices with a touch interface. Utmost of smartphones uses this screen type as their display.

OEM LCD Screen & Digitizer 

   OEM LCDs are the original LCD screens, which came with the device when it was manufactured or when it came new. It's veritably delicate to find a wholesale OEM LCD screen supplier in UK for your phone. It's enough difficult to find it, indeed at the best wholesale LCD touchscreen supplier in UK. But whenever you buy OEM LCD screens, you're always guaranteed to have the original and top products.

Can You Replace The LCD Yourself? 

      Frequently whenever you want to get your LCD display digitizer or the whole LCD screen repaired, you start to have issues trusting the repair guy. But if you want to do that yourself, also you can also go for it. But in order to go through the process, you need to have introductory repairing and mobile phone knowledge. 
       However, also there's no problem going for it yourself If you guys have the chops. You just need to open the phone’s body case, remove the LCD which is damaged, connect the connector lines on the main board and you're good to go. However, also it's largely recommended that you communicate with a professional repair fellow If you don't have the proper skill set.

Bottom Line 

     In conclusion, it can be said that LCD and Touch Screen have veritably different functions which makes them different from each other. One deal with a product of images and the other deals with entering the input from the user directly. Although they're different, they're inversely important for a digital device.