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Things to Know During iPhone Parts Replacement | iShine Trade

Mar 16, 2023 / By Aamir Sheeraz / in Electronic

Let's face it, fixing a malfunctioning iPhone can be one of the most difficult tasks and in many cases, the user will have to spend a lot of money. Whether you broke your screen or broke the home button, iPhone replacement parts can help you fix things although there are specific facts that you need to bring to your information so that you have a good idea of what to do. Many iPhone users face hardware problems after a year or two of use, and the best advice is to bring the device to an Apple Store for replacement or iPhone parts in UK, instead of fixing it yourself. One of the most common problems for iPhone users is a broken screen. Other common issues are the home button not working, poor touch screen response, and not working Touch ID or fingerprint biometrics. 

Official Apple Store For Replacement Parts

To get broken and damaged parts repaired, you can take your iPhone to an official Apple store for part replacement. Before you go to the store, you'll want to make an appointment with a repair person online. If you live far from a support center, you can also ship the device or send it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP). Along with the phone, also take the invoice or extended warranty, if you have them. AASP will offer replacement of damaged parts or repair if iPhone is covered by an AppleCare warranty. If your device is not covered by the AppleCare warranty, AASP will charge you out of warranty. The turnaround time for your phone can vary between one week and 14 working days.

Independent iPhone Repair And Replacement Shop

Since the official Apple stores are expensive and the lead time is long, you can also go to independent repair shops for iPhone parts replacement. Many independent repair shops work quickly because they offer same-day solutions for replacing standard parts such as ports, cameras, batteries, screens, home buttons, and more. Since they don't use certified Apple parts, the cost is lower compared to the service you get from an Apple Store. When the price is low, they offer you a cheap solution, but some iPhone repair companies also offer their own warranty.

In fact, there are many options for having your iPhone repaired. Repair professionals can fix things that haven't been noticed before. But the truth is that replacing some parts in the iPhone model makes some features stop working. Many features on the iPhone help in the production industry. These features only work with Apple BIOS devices with built-in metrics made by the original manufacturer. Therefore, even after replacing the original iPhone parts, there are some issues that the user may encounter after maintenance.

Common Problems Faced After iPhone Repair or Parts Replacement

Unfortunately, even the Apple Support Center cannot help restore the device to full functionality. This article summarizes some of the two issues that you can expect when repairing your iPhone device or replacing any of the factory-set iPhone components.

1. The iPhone's Home Button Can Be Replaced, But You'll Be Left With The Touch ID Completely Inactive.

The home button of all iPhone devices is the most difficult of components. If you break the home button, tear the cable, or make it malfunction in any way, please keep in mind that it cannot be restored to its original state. You can swap out the broken button for a new one, but you'll have to sacrifice the ability to use Touch ID. This feature is built in by the company and any damage to the home button leaves the Touch ID useless. You can navigate with touch, but for fingerprints, the home button is dead.

The replacement of the home button part of all iPhone models above the iPhone 6 is a cosmetic change only. "TouchID" or "Fingerprint" will not work even after replacing the part.

2. FaceID Of iPhone X And Above Models Will Not Work After Replacing The "Ear Speaker" Unit

Here's another iPhone repair fact you should know: iPhone FaceID won't work if you replace the speaker. This is mainly for iPhone X and above models. With the iPhone X, Apple removed the home button from the display screen and introduced FaceID. The FaceID hardware setup is a "TrueDepth Camera System" and it is connected to a proximity sensor and ambient light sensor. Therefore, when the "speaker" of the iPhone is replaced, FaceID becomes inactive. After replacing the speaker, the speaker works better and the voice is clearer than ever. But you will be stuck with FaceID failing. This is also due to the spotlight and the infrared camera around the speaker becoming ineffective due to decay.

3. Replace The Motherboard Of Any iPhone That Will Not Recognize The Device And The Original IMEI Number On The Apple Server

Find My iPhone is one of the features of the iPhone, and this feature is designed to prevent others from using your Apple device. So, when a user turns off their iPhone, the Apple ID is saved and stored on Apple's servers, and this ID is linked to the device. This link goes through the motherboard of the phone so when replacing the motherboard of your iPhone, the device cannot be recognized by the original IMEI number at the Apple server.

4. Screen Replacement Causes Sensor Failure On iPhone 7 And Above

If you broke your iPhone screen, screen replacement seems to be a great option. But even replacing the original screen at the Apple Store can lead to sensitivity problems with new iPhone models. Some problems you may encounter are disabled due to ambient light sensors or screen brightness adjustment problems. Also, in some screen-filling situations, the "True Tone" feature in the "Display & Brightness" option may not appear. If your iPhone device is broken, there are other ways to get it repaired and replace the damaged parts. Although it is wise to accept that to some extent, you can compromise the features and performance of the phone.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it, this was the article and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. You should keep one thing in mind and that is to always go to a trusted iPhone parts supplier in UK or the best wholesale iPhone Back Camera replacement supplier in UK , to find the best products on the best deals.