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Replacement Nokia 1, 1 Plus, 1.3, 1.4 LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer Assemble

Brand: Replacement

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Categories: Nokia, Nokia LCDs, Nokia

Replacement Nokia 1, 1 Plus, 1.3, 1.4 LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer Assemble

  • Product Features:  
  • The screen replacement can be quickly done.
  • Over 90 degrees bent of the LCD cable will damage it and cause a black display. Please make sure it is not over-bended.
  • The screen replacement has been checked carefully and works well before shipping.
  • Application:  
  • 1. The glass is cracked, scratched, shattered, or the screen is slashed.
  • 2. The screen is unresponsive when you touch it.
  • 3. There are dead pixels, colored spots on your screen, or the display is dark.
  • The LCD has easily installed ready-to-install and screen replacement for  Nokia 1, 1 Plus, 1.3, 1.4 . Replacing the whole. The screen replacement is more straightforward and quicker, though it is more expensive than replacing one damaged component in the screen replacement.  
  • How to know which screen part you need:  
  • 1. Only LCD Screen: When the touch panel is not damaged, but the image under the glass is unclear, you only need an LCD screen.
  • 2. Only Touch Screen: In this case, when the image under the touch panel is fine, but the touch panel or glass is broken, you only need a touch screen.
  • 3. Screen Replacement: When both the top touch panel and the LCD image are broken, you need a complete screen replacement.
  • Package Information:  
  • 1. Content: 1 x Screen Replacement for  Nokia 1, 1 Plus, 1.3, 1.4 .


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