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Shadow Magsafe Case Compatible For iPhone 14 Series iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max

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Shadow Magsafe Case Compatible For iPhone 14 Series iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max

Shadow MagSafe Case Compatibility: Designed specifically for the iPhone 14 Series, including iPhone 14, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max models.  
Precise Fit: Ensures a snug and secure fit for your iPhone 14, maintaining the device's sleek profile.  
MagSafe Compatibility: Features integrated magnets for seamless attachment to MagSafe accessories, ensuring a hassle-free experience.  
Premium Materials: Crafted from high-quality, durable materials to provide reliable protection against daily wear and tear.  
Enhanced Grip: The case incorporates textured surfaces for improved handling and reduced risk of accidental drops.  
All-Around Protection: Provides full coverage for your iPhone 14, safeguarding it from scratches, bumps, and minor impacts.  
Responsive Buttons: Offers responsive and easy-to-press buttons for convenient access to all device functions.  
Sleek Aesthetics: A minimalistic design complements the iPhone 14 Series' aesthetics while offering dependable protection.  
Wireless Charging: Supports wireless charging, allowing you to charge your device without removing the case.  
Available in Multiple Colors: Choose from a variety of stylish color options to suit your personal style and preferences.


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