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Telephone RJ11 To Modem Line Cable

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Telephone RJ11 To Modem Line Cable

  • Cable Type: Telephone RJ11 to Modem Cable
  • Cable Length: 1.5 And 3 Meter
  • Connector Type: RJ11 (6P4C) on one end, RJ11 (6P4C) on the other end
  • Cable Color: Standard telephone cable color (typically black or gray)
  • Conductor Material: Copper for optimal signal transmission
  • Insulation: Insulated twisted pair (T568A standard)
  • Compatibility: Suitable for connecting a telephone or DSL modem to a wall jack or modem/router
  • Wiring Standard: T568A wiring scheme (Green and Red conductors used)
  • Cable Jacket: Durable and flexible PVC jacket for long-lasting use
  • RoHS Compliance: Cable and connectors should adhere to RoHS environmental standards
  • Cable Shielding: Unshielded (UTP) for standard home or office use
  • Signal Quality: Designed to minimize crosstalk and interference for clear and reliable communication
  • Plug Durability: Molded connectors with strain relief for enhanced plug longevity
  • Installation: Plug and play, no special tools or configurations required
  • Packaging: Individually wrapped or bulk packaging options are available
  • Compliance: Compliant with industry standards such as TIA/EIA-568, UL, and FCC Part 68
  • Quality Assurance: Tested for signal integrity and quality control before shipping
  • These specifications ensure a high-quality RJ11 to Modem Line Cable suitable for telecommunication and internet connections in both home and office environments.


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